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We are looking to make a League of Legends team in Jacksonville for the GLHF Game Bar in the Jacksonville Landing. Practices will most likely be a mix of online and in person at GLHF, with the desired place being in person at GLHF, so please consider this when deciding to apply. There will be a selective tryout that is going to be held at GLHF before final decisions are made; date and time to be determined. Make sure to follow the GLHFGameBar Facebook page at for tryout announcements. Preferred Skills: Having been at least Platinum 5 in season 6 in any Summoner's Rift Ranked queue. Season 7 Platinum is also acceptable. We are currently looking for all roles. If you are interested, please send a message on the GLHFGameBar website (at of the following form: Summoner Name: Age: Season 6 Rank: Season 7 Rank: Desired Role: 3 Best Champions in Role: Short Description of Playstyle: What 5's experience do you have: Example: Summoner Name: Ms Jinx Age: 20 Season 6 Rank: Diamond 4 Season 7 Rank: Diamond 5 (100 lp) Desired Role: ADC 3 Best Champions in Role: Jinx, Vayne, Caitlyn Short Description of Playstyle: I tend to play passively early game, following up on other people rather than making plays. I prefer to wait for mid and late game to teamfight and mechanically outplay for leads. What 5's experience do you have: I have been on several fives teams with friends, getting up to Platinum in ranked 5's, with mmr to play with Diamond 1 ranked 5's teams. Also won several small tournaments held at my college.
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