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Greetings summoners, we are a team looking for players for all roles to fit our sub team/main team. You must be silver 3+ in flex or gold 5+ in solo que. We also have to fulfill the requirements which is not hard as I'll list them below. 1) toxicity- Being toxic does not benefit the team at all and it makes Coordinating really hard. It's okay to swear I couples times at a mistake for ex "oh fk" when you die we all do that at some points , but never go overboard and try to learn from your mistakes. 2) have a mic and discord for communication. 3) Don't ever troll / or give up- Don't troll your teammates it will just ruin the communication and friendship. I have won games where we where losing 3/18. Not giving up and working together can actually provide us a decent chance to come back. 4)be active with the team. I can't stress enough about communication. Please try to do call outs and give warnings to in game events. 5) Have fun- enjoy your time don't be stressed out and enjoy the game. Here is my op.gg to show you that we are actually serious in what we do https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=WakeSenpai (click on ranked flex and view match recent's with team) http://i.imgur.com/jXF3QiY.png. Yes we do a lot of flex to get team synergy going good. We also participate in tournaments on Fridays (we won this Fridays tournament and also received MVP for one of our players)
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