Team Elite Exile Looking for players

Hello! Elite Exile is a new competitive team. We are looking for serious players who are willing to dedicate their time into this game to become something in the future.We have 2 teams and our goal is to get into challenger.If you are just looking for a team to play just for fun then this is not for you. We will be holding the tryouts for all the new players that we are interested in. You will have to agree and follow rules and practice schedule if you want to try out. We also don't want players that only get online during practice they have to play almost every day and improve their performance.If you are a player that almost never gets online please do not register. For more information please visit our site . Please reply to the thread with the following if you are interested Age: IGN: Teamspeak: Yes/No Current Tier: Role: Weaknesses: Timezone: Availability: Follow us on twitter for more news.
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