LF Duo Que Partner that can do either 2 options

Malphite Support Annie APC Bottom (Patch 6.1)
Good game of the best AP Kill lane ever; Annie APC and Malphite Support. I play Malphite and my APC is a in game friend. This is by far the most powerful comp in the hands of just about any player. Best part is no one bans them.
Option 1 is Annie and Malphite Bot, here is a link above that I did with another player in patch 6.1. The video shows how even if we give a few early kills, capable of coming back with little to no effort. This option is a 100-0 burst combo that kills 3 out of 5 members in 1-2 seconds. Meant to be Bottom tower focus objective and frees up jungle to gank mid and top over and over because we wont need help. Option 2 is Warwick and Malzahar, I can jungle or top warick, and Malzahar goes mid or top regarding how Dynamic Que works. This option is a chain cc with suppression. Meant to power down tier 1 and 2 towers before roaming to other lanes to take them down. More objective focused. If interested in Duo Dynamic Que with me, leave a reply here and add me so I know who you are and what if not both options you would like to climb solo que with. Open to other ideas if you like. This is not about breaking the meta, but instead break open ways to climb that fits different play styles. Also meant to have more fun in Rank matches and relieve the stress it brings from doing rank ques by your self.
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