Solo Entry - 5vs5 Summoners Rift --- Tournament Draft --- Check IN @ 7:00 EST

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© 2015 EVG Tournaments. © 2014 Team Evolution Gaming. "League of Legends" is a registered trademark of Riot Games. Designed by Jensui > [**★ Community Website ★**]( > [**★ Click Here - Tournament Registration ★**]( > **★ After you register join our Teamspeak and Check In. ★** > **★ Connect To: or ★** **Summoners Rift 5v5 Solo Entry - Come join our Random Team 5vs5 Summoners Rift Nightly Tournament. Everyday @ 7:30 PM EST. Join our TeamSpeak and we will help you register. ** _TeamSpeak connection: **This is a solo entry tournament. Level 30 with a working headset and mic.** **Prize pool consists of Riot Points and Loyalty Points.
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