Calling All Elos. It's your time to shine! :D

Rebirth Gaming is a tournament discord server that holds tournaments and has an LCS style season league for Bronze-gold & Plat-diamond ( golds are allowed to play ). players. The Season is set up with two groups and each team plays one game a week, with one bye week throughout the regular season with the top 4 teams from each group making it to playoffs. We currently have a season ongoing but most teams are always looking for subs/replacements, and the next season will be starting up in January of next year. Whether you're looking to join a team or have a group of friends to play with already, we have a growing server with plenty of great people to play with. We have a discord you can join, coaches in higher elo willing to help you improve your game, and if you have any questions/concerns we have staff available to help address those issues.

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