Toxic Gaming TeamSpeak Community Looking For New Members!

A warm welcome from Toxic Gaming :3 Hey League of Legends players! We are looking for new gamers of any sort to come and join us in our ever-growing community! We have a LOT of rooms for gaming or even just chilling with friends. Some rooms we have for games are: League of Legends (of course :P), CS:GO, Minecraft, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, etc. We can make new rooms for different games if you wish to have one, or you can use the Gaming Rooms (there are 10) to play with friends. Now to get more in-depth for you League players we have Solo Queue, Duo Queue, and Dynamic Queue rooms. So if you wanted to play with friends, by yourself, or find people to play with, you can because majority of our server does play League of Legends (ranked from Bronze to Diamond). ------------------------------------------------------------ Occasionally, we do host events on our server (which can be hosted by multiple different staff members) as a way for us to bring the community together and just have a good time! We are always looking for people to bring ideas for what events they would like to see on the server, and even offer a point system which gives participation points that can be redeemed later on for a various prizes such as: RP cards, Private Channels, Server Icons, skins, and more! Another thing we offer is larger events, such as League of Legends tournaments, from time to time. For more information on when these will occur, you can locate the link to the registration site we use, Battlefy, down below. --------------------------------------------------------------------- We want our community to be like a family rather than just people who game (despite the name :P). If you feel this sounds like the community you wish you to join please check us out or come join us on our **TeamSpeak:**. If you have any personal questions about the information listed above, feel free to contact us in the chat box down below, or you can ask me (āœ§ Princess Jordii āœ§) or any of our Admins on the TeamSpeak. Hope to see you here and have a fantastic day! **Social Media ** _Website:_ _Facebook:_ _Twitter:_ **Teamspeak:** _Battlefy:_
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