[Quicksilver] Platinum/Diamond Team LF Jungler! Playing @ 8 EST

**General Information** Hey guys, I'm Vincent "QSG Trunu" damone looking for a jungler who want to push for Diamond+ this season with our team. We will be competing in a lot of tournaments and events. The team will be apart of a community/organisation so you will be required to abide by server rules and meet expectations and present our team at it's highest. Saying that we also will be having a strict schedule that all must follow! We will be playing preferably around 3-4 days out of the week [ the schedule is final besides the days we play that can be changed to fit people] There is no limit for how many days we can play as long as everyone can make it and wants to play that much. As for people who don't show you'll first become a sub [as a warning] then benched if you can't commit. We have a full coaching staff that are ready to help and assist the team in anyway. **Team Schedule ** We play 4 days a week starting at 8 EST! Application Age: Rank: Role: Top 3 Champions: Champion Pool in % [How many do you own] Can you shotcall? Team experience? Can you commit to practice? [Please take 2 min to fill this out] Founder & CEO of Quicksilver GG - QSG Trunu
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