Team Echo Looking For Plat 2+ Jungler and mid for Diamond League $$$$

Title says it all, Here&#039;s a current mock up of our Roster, We&#039;re looking for people To join this team, League starts in 2 weeks, Gives us time to get antiquated and get to know each other on a league level, There is Prize Money at the end of the League for the Top 3 teams If we make it into that group. Looking For Open Schedules and None Toxic Players to work together and build something. Matches Start Jan 15th and 2 Games a week all best of 3's (Tuesdays and Thursdays) With Daily Scrims Everybody who is committed will be getting Team Jerseys <----- Add Gou Sh&agrave;ngd&igrave; in Game to talk further!!! Top: Aria (Plat 1) Gou Shangdi (Sub) Jungle: I Love To Zorb (Diamond 4) Mid: OPEN ADC: M3dftw (Diamond 5) Support: Patty Mac (Diamond 5)

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