Making a serious ranked team that will play everyday

Hi, my name is Cameron and Im an 18 year old jungler who has been playing league since season 1. I started playing competitively in season 3 and Ive always wanted to join a serious team since then. Anytime I would join a ranked team, the team would always disband within a week or so and it really frustrated me because i put in all that hard work into practically nothing. When the thought came into mind of creating my own team I thought it would be really hard to do and very time consuming but since graduating I have found the time and am able to commit fully to this team. The players I am looking for need to be strictly plat and above, however I will consider coaching/analysts or a team manager/organizer, these positions wont matter on rank but skills required specifically for these jobs. Dont be afraid to message me in game after you filled out your details out on this page. Hopefully this team can go far and create enjoyable experiences for everyone. Details... First name: Age: Summoner name: Rank: Position: What specific qualities will you bring to the team that will benefit us: Where are you weak: (Must have a mic)Which to you prefer CV,TS,Skype?: Do you or can you stream?: Are you committed,which days or times are you available? What is your timezone?:
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