LF Sup and Jung for 5's

Im looking for a Supp and a Jung for a ranked 5's team, we play every day at 11 P.M. EST. im looking for people that are extroverts, talk alot and such, nothing against quiet people its just not the energy im trying to build. Attitude is worth alot more to me then performance, this teams motto is something along the lines of "having fun is first priority and winning is a close second, but winning is a hell of alot of fun". no bronzies tho, im sorry but bronze players just don't perform. Also i need a phone number from you so that i have a way to get in contact with you outside of league, so expect me to ask, if you are going to get weird and not give one then dont apply. im going to favor people that have high mastery on there champs for the position, as in if i look at ur account and you applied for jung but your top champs are all adc's im going to be a little upset. I heavily prefer you post here but if you gota add me then fine. Also curse is a requirement. bellow post your: Position wanted: Rank: Champs played: Season started: A joke (dont you dare delete this):

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