Mid main looking to start a serious ranked 5's team. Must be between Silver and Gold, Read Info.

Damage Incorporated
September 2016 News~ Merf: "Run. Fuck. Fast and far" - Chinese Proverb Circa 73 BC Members of the Month Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond and achieving glory and prestige for Damage Inc and their Divisions, congratulations!
Dear Summoners, [TL;DR -> If you can't read to the end of this entire post, then don't bother wasting each others time.] ::EDIT:: If you have any questions please feel free to add me in game or email loldetonationsquad@gmail.com ::EDIT:: ::EDIT#2:: Need more support applicants! Apply supports we'll treat you like gods/goddesses. I am looking to start another successful ranked 5's team again for the next season. I am looking for individuals who want more than just solo-play. There will be more emphasis on practicing and growing individual skills together. Let's get started shall we? Minimum Requirements: **Age: 18+** **Be Respectful** - I will not tolerate any individual who will turn on their own teammate over a mistake. Mistakes are made so we can learn and prevent it from happening again. **Must Be Coachable** - We will often use Replay.gg to rewatch our games together. **Must have a Positive Attitude** - We don't need any negativity here, if you want to be negative go back to solo queue and burn in ELO Hell. **Must Be Commited** - Must be a dedicated member of society to join this team. More info upon request. Recommended (Preferred) Requirements: **Voice Communication - Must have TeamSpeak 3** Must be available during Ranked 5's queue times. **A full member or an initiate of Dmg-Inc clan.** Must have a small champion pool of** 2-3 champions** for your dedicated lane. (Minimum **50 games** on each champion in **solo queue**) - Start working on it. There are several reasons for doing this, this is to tell us that you are serious, and it shows commitment and mastery on those select few champs, it will also definitely help you climb the solo queue ladder to gold. **Timezone : PDT** Everyone Needs to Contribute - Give something back to the team: Feedback, Tips, Suggestions, Team Comps, Style-of-play, Strategies. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it's up to you to voice that opinion out. We are not psychic and we can not read minds. Anything (constructive) is useful, as long as you contribute, you will be in OK standing. There's a lot more but I can't really think of everything at this very moment. I will edit this post accordingly in order to keep everyone up-to-date as much as possible. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience. Alrighty, so the season is about to end, and Ranked 5's was out of the picture for a bit until Rito decided to bring it back, but only during select times. This team will primarily focus on team building and team synergy. We have coaches ready to help out if needed (all Plat + individuals with team history) for individual training. Think of this as a 5-unit course. That's the amount of time you will be spending on this team on a regular basis. We provide time-management training. We will be practicing a lot and we will be assigning homework catered to each individual's needs in order to keep the team (as a whole) growing at a steady pace. Most of this is vague and more concrete information will be provided for those interested. If you wish to respond, please fill out the following application -> Summoner Name: Preferred Name: Age: Rankings for S4, S5, and S6: Position: Champions: Why choose these 2-3 Champions? Confidence level on a scale from 1 (least confident) to 10 (most confident). Availability: What makes a good team? Why do you want to join a team? Why are you a good addition to any team? I will post an example to aid future responses. Currently looking for all positions other than Mid.
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