Recruiting for Team Energized[Gold+ Please]

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I will try to be as detailed as possible to what I am looking for. Please only apply if you are a determined player and share some of the interests and goals that I will present in this post. I am a experienced manager and coach from season 2 and 3. I left league of legends for a couple years and recently came back. I am interested in building a team up from the ground. My goal is to make a Brand of the team and enter it into tournaments to build the teams experience and team work. When the team gets to a certain point, I do plan on making a sister team to skirmish against and also building a website. Please note that I will be managing the team and not playing on the team. If you are interested, Fill out this application. Name: Rank: Why are you applying for this team: Role/Sub role:(Please have 2 roles that you can play if possible) Availability: (Use EST for your time zone, night availability is preferred) Preferred champions: Questions for me? If you filled out a application, Hop on teamspeak @ on December 22nd @ 9:00 PM est for try outs and ask for a member of team energized to assist you.
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