LF Gold+ Jungle for SERIOUS 5's team!

Hey all, I am starting up a serious team and we have every position filled except for Jungle. **Our play time is going to be 10PM (or 11 on some nights) EST - Whenever (at least 1AM most likely). Current days are Wed/Thurs/Sat** **You must be Gold+** (I know solo queue ranking doesn't mean all that much but this is for duo/tournament purposes). I cannot accept anyone below Gold, sorry! The current roster is a Gold V ADC (me), Gold I Mid, Plat IV Top, and Diamond III Support. We also have a Diamond coach who will help us improve. Our main goal is improvement and you MUST have the right mentality to join our team. If you are just looking to play 5's for fun please don't apply. If you are looking to compete in a competitive environment (we will do tournaments) and improve your game-play then this team is for you! What I need from you: - Good game knowledge. You must be a Jungle main to apply. - Good communication. You will most likely be our early game shot-caller - Good mechanics. I need to know you actually know how to play =) - Friendly attitude. I will not tolerate raging. We will have post game discussions about what we could have done better as individuals and as a team. You need to be able to take and give constructive criticism. Please fill out this application and I WILL ADD YOU if you get a tryout. **Please do not add me in game!** IGN: Age: Rank: Hours/Days Available: Can you meet all requirements?: Why should I add you to this team?:
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