Adrenaline Threat is looking for a Top and Support!

Hey guys our competitive team is looking for a stable top and Support laner! We are a competitive team that has been up for about two months and are looking for members who are willing to commit to tournament play, ranked 5v5, scrimmages, and having practice schedules. (We are trying to e as legit as possible). Here is the list of requirements that we have decided as a team: Be able to stay active (we have three practices a week members are required to show up to every one unless a valid reason is given) Be 16 or older (maturity is what we are looking for so this is not a hard cap) Be expected to learn Win or lose (looking for team members who wont quit the team as soon as we go on a losing spree and are willing to work through the good and bad moments) Be able to have fun (this is a game after all and members should be expected to enjoy and encourage each other) With that being said here is a application form please fill it out if interested: age: role: champs (top three): division (rank): position of interest (role): Weaknesses: strengths: My ign is Coruptz aT feel free to add me if necessary! See you on the rift! {{champion:254}}
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