Creating a LOW ELO Ranked 5 Team

Requirements, * _Discord installed to computer_ * _Working microphone_ * _Must be within Bronze 5 - Silver 1_ * _Ages 18+_ Tired of having those specific people whom seem to break your back during games? That bot lane ADC whom seems to be in another dimension? Or maybe that AFK farming {{champion:75}} ? Then it's time to join a team whom are on the same page as you! What i am looking for, - Dedicated & serious teammates who are motivated to improve thy self - Teammates that will not tilt & rage out, you must have composure - Overall players who work good in a team (that's what league is all about sorry solo top laners that take {{summoner:14}} ) Questions & Answers? Q: Why do we have to be between bronze 5 & Silver 1? A: I want the team to be level headed, see eachother equal and rather keep high elo plays out due to their big ego (sorry not sorry) Team Roster 1, Top: Yeloman222 , Tristaco Jungle: **OPEN ** Mid: Zuhpey Bot lane; 1) Support: Jryan2010 2)ADC: Hypetraincentre Captain: GSS Chriis Team Roster 2, Top: **OPEN** Jungle: **OPEN** Mid: **OPEN** Bot; 1)Support: **OPEN** 2)ADC: **OPEN** Captain: **OPEN** Application: IGN: Age: Main Lane: DO NOT APPLY FOR A SECONDARY LANE YOU PLAY Main champions: We lost terribly, will you be able to keep a smile on your face? Y/N: Why would i consider you over the next? Strengths: Leave your weaknesses out. W/e else you'd like to throw in there; If you add me without me seeing an application you'll be ignored. :){{summoner:21}} THANKS FOR YOUR TIME SUMMONERS {{summoner:12}}
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