D5 exp Jungle/Support and Mid/ADC Duo LF 5s Team

Contact Information: Add Shotaro ingame and mention what team you're from please! Returning S5 Diamond players looking for RANKED 5s TEAM ONLY! Not Dynamic Que. Looking to do: Ranked 5s with Gold 1+ players Casual Tournaments We play either: Mid/Jungle or Adc/Support We both have- 5s EXP on a variety of 5's teams between S4/5 in almost all roles. Strong online tournament Exp. Have played ranked 5s at Challenger MMR S5 with Team Primordial. Extremely strong synergy and mechanical skill. Ability to take criticism and drive to improve. Both have shot calling comfort and experience. Ability to adjust champion pool to the teams needs (though we will usually focus on strong/meta picks). Voice/working mic. Ability to make time commitments. When we say we are going to show up we will. Jungle/Support Player: IGN: PRIM Seawolf Age: 20 S5 Rank D5 S6 Rank D5 Availability- Mon/Tue/Wed/Sat Night - MUST BE FLEXIBLE DUE TO WORK! Jungle Champion Pool: Meta Focus Picks - Gragas, Reksai, Graves Elise, Comfort Picks - Leesin, Olaf, Ekko,Sej Support Champion Pool: Meta Focus Picks- Bard, Karma, Thresh, Braum Comfort Picks- Alistar, , Leona, Janna, Lissandra, Brand, Soraka, Blitz, Morg, Veigar Mid/Adc Player: IGN: Shotaro Age: 23 S5 Rank D5 S6 Rank Plat 2 - Back from a long break. Availability- Week day Nights 8PM-12, Weekend times very. Mid Champion Pool: Meta Focus picks - Taliyah, Vik, Malz. Comfort picks - Diana, Ahri, Ekko, Fizz, Kennen, LeBlanc, Lissandra, Lulu, Ori, Talon, Varus, Vlad, Zed, Ziggs, Zilean, Zyra. ADC Champion Pool: Meta Focus Picks - Lucian, Sivir, Ashe, Jihn, Comfort Picks - Ezreal, MF, Cait, Corki, Draven, Graves, Jinx, Kalista, Kogmaw, Trist, Twitch, Varus, Vayne,
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