LF silver+ support for 5's

Alright, as the title says were looking for a silver or higher support for our five man team. Were a new team that has been playing for maybe 1-2 months now, recently we removed our mid lanner for a few different reasons then put our support (and shot call, thats most the reason we moved him) into mid lane so that he could shot call better. I guess i never really introduced myself but i'm the ADC and team owner. What we/i am looking for is someone that isnt half bad, has a nice champ pool, can do what the shot call tells them, and most importantly is cool, were not just looking for a player but a friend. Also Curse and the ability to chat is a requirement. our normal play days are saturday, monday, wednesday, friday at around 8 PM EST but if u cant make it to certain times we can work around it. Bellow post your: Rank: Champs you usually play: Time Zone: (if you want you can just add me but i much rather you post here) Thanks
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