Pentagon Esports Looking for Serious Players for a New Ranked 5s Team (Plat +)

Hi there, my name is BestSniperAfrica, I represent the LoL team for Pentagon Esports, and we are looking for players around our skill level (Plat 5 or higher) to play regularly with and improve together. We are looking for serious and professionally composed players only. You will be contacted by me, and we'd move on from there. Applicants that main the roles we are seeking will have a higher priority for tryouts than those that do not, but I will do my best to reach out to everyone that applies. Current Roster: Top - Open Jungle - Open Mid - BestSniperAfrica (Plat 5) ADC - Open Support - Open And Subs: Sub - Sub - Sub- Sub- Sub- Practices are around 10pm PST to 1:00am PST 3-4 days a week depending on work schedules / availabilities Please do not post if this is not possible for you. We are seeking committed players, asking for 3 hours of your time to get better as a team, and overall do not have an excessive practice schedule. If it is outside of your availability, please do not fill out an application. I do not place members on roster based on skill, but overall synergy with the team, and how well communication and play style fit with what we’re looking for as a team. In terms of communication, having a smartphone is highly preferable, as we use a group chat app to communicate outside of League. Please do not post here if you can't commit to a practice schedule, can't give 100% every game the team plays in, be it normals or ranked, or flake out after a week of playing. I am not interested in casual players, I AM interested in people who are strongly committed to improving themselves and improving as a team. Thank you for reading, and if you are interested, please fill out the information below and assuming you seem like a good fit, I will get to you in game as quickly as possible. Thank you for your time. Summoner Name: Age: Tier/Division: Position: Main Champion: Secondary Champions: Why do you want to join the team? What do you feel you bring to the team? List off a known weakness you'd like to improve on: Prior Team Experience: Availability: Mic:
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