Ranked Team S5 - S6 (Silver 1 - Plat 5)

I'm making a team with one(1) goals in mind. 1. Improving Serious players only. At the same time its good to that we have fun but if a sort of serious nature isn't also in mind then it won't work. For this team we will focus on improving and tournaments will be entered with cash pools. So gaining winnings from this is a option. (Entries will be taken in today!) With that being said let's discuss requirements. - Mic (TeamSpeak, Discord, Skype etc) - Ranking's are at a minimum of Silver 1 - Platinum 5. (This is to ensure balance of the team.) - Schedules on practice will be discuss with everyone interested. I believe figuring it out comes after going through everyones time zones. - _*****Side Note***** North America ONLY**_ If interested simply fill out area below : Rank Current (Only Now Matters Not How Good You Used To Be) - Main Role or Role Wish To Be Played - Main Champions - IGN - Preferred VoIP (Discord, Skype etc) - Time Zone - All interested will be added and contacted (further question can be asked on client directly)
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