Bronze V

Are you tired of 15 minutes in the game your teammates being 0/5/1 each? Are you tired of pinging Baron while the enemy team is bot lane only to see them all venture down there and die? Are you tired of playing vs an enemy with HIGH LIFESTEAL or HEALING and watch your teammates disregard your suggestion to buy a Grievous Wounds item? Are you tired of watching your teammates push a wave to the enemy tower, not take it and leave, after the entire enemy team has shown themselves in another lane? Are you tired of Ashe running away from an enemy melee champion with no dash (or even slower ranged) run up on Ashe and kill her without seeing 1 auto attack from Ashe the entire pursuit? Are you tired of seeing Thresh land a hook on the enemy squishy, go in, chunk him/her down to 50% and your teammates are still CSing or have left the area? Are you tired of playing LOW RANK/SKILL? ARE YOU STUCK THERE? Fucking add me in game and lets practice together and get the fuck out of this shit ass level of play to Challenger where your teammates less often completely fucking screw you out of a win and where things like team composition and game strategy actually have a some meaning. Thanks.
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