Kracken Esports Needs a Top and Mid

Team Kracken Esports is looking for people to fill up team one! We're a group that is looking to get involved with tournaments pretty regularly. We also Stream every game session, and review our replays in an effort to find and eliminate weaknesses. As it stands right now we've got a strong team with reliable and like-minded members. What roles are available: TOP MID What we are looking for in players: - Age 18+ - Ability and Desire to spend multiple hours a week working with either team - Drive to increase personal play - both through ranking and visible skill/understanding of the game - Good/Positive Attitude - No trolls, overly excessive trash talking, or people prone to raging out please - Ability to self assess and look for your own faults, as well as being able to accept when someone else points them out - Must use Dischord - MUST HAVE BEEN PLATINUM OR HIGHER IN SEASON 6 - Must be active in current pre-season and future season ranking - We're all trying to get better - Bare minimums need not apply. Please use the following format when applying for the team: IGN: AGE: OP.GG PROFILE LINK: ROLE: S6 ENDING RANK: CURRENT FLEX RANK: DISCHORD?: AVAILABILITY: WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST WEAKNESS?: I will make sure to add and talk with every single applicant, in an effort to ensure the best possible candidates populate the team. If there's no application here in the thread, fully filled out, you will not be considered. Feel free to add me in game if you have any questions - just be sure not to add me unless you've filled out the application and posted it. Good luck, and I hope to see you guys/gals on the rift! Jifo Support for Team Kracken Esports Heelwax Adc/Founder of Kracken Esports

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