Looking for coaches and analysts!

Hello everyone, True Minded Gaming is currently searching for qualified head coaches, assistant coaches, and analysts. We have several teams still looking for these roles, and as the TMG Summer Split(a mini-lcs series with 12 teams) starts soon, and 4 of our teams are particpating in it, we are widening our search. As a head coach, you would have to watch the teams games and listen to the communication to help the team, and discuss matches to help the team improve. You would be responsible for leading constructive conversations and finding out what each player is capable of/ what needs to be done with the team to help the team succeed. As an analyst, you would be responsible for watching some/most of the teams games and writing notes to help the team. You could either talk to the team in discord after matches or you could just send notes. You would also be responsible of scouting other teams so the team is prepared for their matches. As an assistant coach, you would do what the head coach does, but be there to help him make decisionjs and give secondary input. You would still have to show up to the teams practices, but you would be given a secondary job, instead of working with the enitre team. This means that, you would be given the task of focusing on bot lane or vision, and give the team your input on that subject based on what you and the head coach decide you should be focusing on. If you are interested in the roles above, please fill out the application below: Position: Age: Highest rank: Previous experience in a team environment(detail please): Are you willing to be dedicated to the team:
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