Mid laner seeking high gold / plat dedicated team.

I am looking to join a team that is more than a few friends getting together to play league. I seek the satisfaction of knowing you are improving and winning games as a result. I have been playing since pre-season of season 2, and been on teams since I was silver in season 4 both as a captain and a player. I'll list the basics here, any other questions I would much prefer to answer in person via ingame, or voice. Schedule is very stable. I can play 9:30pm - 1:00am EST Monday through Friday, some nights as much as three hours earlier. I work during the day every third Saturday from 11:00am - 7:00pm EST. Sundays are always free barring family. I have tournament experience, and my account has every champion unlocked, 20 rune pages, and every rune. My champ pool currently consists of: {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:61}} but I have experience playing as every champion in the game, stemming from playing since season 2. I have no qualms picking up any champion the team or meta requires of me.

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