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Hey everyone, I'm just a scrubby silver player who is looking for a coach/team/community to play with to get better at the game. I am going to have a lot of free time and this is something that I have considered into taking seriously. TLDR; Looking For Coach / Team / Community -> to get better at the game -> create life long friendships -> be a part of something bigger. About me: Summoner Name: DSNatsu Ranking: Silver 5 (placed in Bronze 4 S6) Favorite Lane or Role: I love playing mobile assassins, but I've realized it's hard to just carry with them unless you get decently fed early or get lucky in a couple team fights. I like mid and top right now. Fighters and Assassins. Age: Old enough to drink in the state of California, USA ( I don't drink though ) Favorite Champions: Fizz, Yasuo, Leblanc, Zed, Rengar, Talon, Ekko, and even Kassadin on occasion. I've tried Ahri but I can't seem to finish games with her. I feel like the current meta favors control mages heavily. Voice Communication - You tell me I almost have everything. CV, Skype, Discord,, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc. Honestly, all my life, I've been just told what to do. I've been handed down a path to follow and I've had enough. Moving out from the toxic environment I was living in which hindered my health and happiness, I am now moving forward into the next chapter in my life. I am motivated to be a part of the league of legends community thoroughly. Now some of you might consider me being an airhead, or some fantasy boitoy who's just wasting his time. I don't really care now, I want to do me and I'm going to at least try and put a lot of hard work and effort into it. I've wasted enough time being someone I don't want to be. For Gaming communities: I would love to join, but unless the community strives to play together, there's no point. I've had some rough experiences where rules are not followed, and favoritism was the norm. I don't enjoy playing the game with negative members. Toxicity is what I normally receive when I play with communities mostly between other people in the game. It's no fun hearing things go back and forth over voice comms or /all chat when playing a game. Especially, when it comes at the expense of losing from poor sportsmanship. For Teams: I've had extremely terrible experiences with teams before, in the sense where management and order was everywhere, team players weren't committed to practicing on-time with each other, etc. If a team does approach this post, please make sure that everyone respects the decision of the appointed authority figure and that goals and deadlines are met.
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