Murdering the Meta, Journey to Bronze 5

Do you want to play **top lane tank Annie**? **Rageblade Bard**? **Adc Thresh**, **support Teemo**? The only thing standing between you and the most fun you've ever had in league are **angry teammates with report buttons**. _The solution?_ Play with us in a premade of 5. You can do all the crazy strats you want, we won't flame you. You can feed harder than a tilted riven main, we won't report you. The only thing we ask, and the only criteria for joining is that you do the same. Don't flame, don't report, don't be salt. This playstyle isn't for everyone. This playstyle isn't for most people, this is a very niche club, and we know that. There are a million teams and a million clubs looking for people who want to climb to plat. We aren't that. We know. This is a club for people who want to have fun. (at the expense of being serious players.) If you're not interested, that's fine, please move along. If you are, either post your summoner name here, or add me at "Crocodiletears" and send a message saying you want to join. * Ranked mmr and normal mmr are separate. you can play like trash with us and preserve your climb * If you can find 4 other club members who also want to do something in ranked, that's fine too
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