Team OG Loko is looking for members!

We are currently looking for the following positions: - ADC - MID - JUNGLE - SUB (NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO PLAY ALL POSITIONS DECENTLY) - SUB (NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO PLAY ALL POSITIONS DECENTLY) ADC: We are looking for an individual that knows how to play the role. Knowing when to execute certain moves is crucial. Must know at least 5 adc's just in case. Also, as this role is one of the most important parts of the game it is going to be the hardest position to acquire. MID: You must be average/good at playing the middle lane. Know when to poke and when just to stand your ground. Must know atleast 5 mids. JUNGLE: Must know the mechs of being a jungle, know what to farm, and where to gank. Must know at least 4 junglers SUB: This is just used if someone is not on from the main roster and one of the team owners allow a ranked match to take place. Must know a decent amount of characters in the game ,but do not have to be amazing due to the fact your only playing a little bit. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING: USERNAME: ROLE: CURSE VOICE: WHEN CAN YOU PLAY: AGE: EAST/WEST COAST: YEARS PLAYED: This is Team OG Loko's schedule as of now Monday: OFF Tuesday: Practice 1-2 games between 12:00pm-4:00pm est Wednesday: 1-2 Ranked games Thursday: 1 Ranked Game Friday: OFF (occasional practices/ranked games) Saturday: OFF Sunday: OFF Team OG Loko: TOP/TEAM OWNER/STRAT CALLER: OG Trighton MID: ??? JUNGLE: ??? ADC: ??? SUPPORT/TEAM OWNER: OG Mac SUB 1: ??? SUB 2: ???
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