D is for Dance- (League Community)

Hi all, D is for Dance is a learning friendly and new league learning community. We welcome players of all levels and experiences! What we offer: -Non-toxic environment -A place for people interested in learning about league as well as a place for those who want to help others learn more about league. -Coaching for solo/duo queue -A place for posting videos on league improvement methods that you find helpful or intriguing -A supportive environment Share your league experience: -Post about how you got to where you got too and the mindset behind it -What excites you about league? -The pit of sorrows for posting the bad luck in games -Let us celebrate with you when it goes well too! If these interest you-throw me an add in league of legends or leave a post here and I can add you to our community discord. Thank you and have a nice day- Happy rifting and have a great weekend!

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