Gold 4 Mid Laner Looking For Serious Ranked Team!

Hello all! My name is James, Im looking for a competitive League of Legends team. I have a lot of experience! If you're interested add me @ GW Coach Here is a little about myself: Name: James IGN: GW Coach Age:20 Rank: Gold 3 Champion Pool: Zed, Talon, Cass, Zilean, Syndra, ASOL, Jayce Experience: I competed on a team in Season 2 that was in the ESL Amateur Open (Which you can compare it to the Challenger Series now) we played the entire season without losing a game and we made it to playoff finals! Why you should pick me up: I am a very dedicated, reliable and strong teammate. I will not let you down. I'm always on time ready to go to work! Look forward to hearing from you all! GW Coach Quote Edit Delete

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