The Vengeful Fallen Serious and Chill players wanted

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by! We are The Vengeful Fallen, and we're looking for some mature folks to enjoy playing games with. What Is The Vengeful Fallen? The Vengeful Fallen is a gaming community that has recently been active for the past few months. What Do We Play? We currently support : League of Legends. For League of legends we will host weekly in houses and maybe some fun game modes. But please give us few weeks to get organized. How Do You Join? To be a Member of The Vengeful Fallen, you can head into Discord and wait in the Awaiting Approval channels until one of the admins talk to you. If you have any more questions about or anything of the like, hop on our discord For Serious Players The Vengeful Fallen is put together with 4 teams, VF A / VF B / VF C / VF D alongside experienced coaches. (Discord is a must) We are not aiming towards becoming some "LCS" team (except VF A) , we are aiming to improve each of our players and get them to the spot where they want to be. The Vengeful Fallen will play in community hosted tournaments and will be considering playing against other community. Vengeful Fallen A = high plat -Master players [ Competition Team Looking for Mid, ADC] Vengeful Fallen B = Roughly Plat players [ Semi Competition Team] Vengeful Fallen C = Sliver-Gold players. [ Semi Competition Team] Vengeful Fallen D = Any Players who are willing to get better. Applications will be posted below Applications for Team A / B / C / D What team are you applying for: Name: IGN: Discord(Name): Rank: Last season rank (post peak as well): Role: Age: Do you have a microphone: Team Experience: Please Do Not Add Me, people who add me will not be able to qualify for the tryout. Tryout date will be announced in discord so hop in and say you applied to the team and tell us your ign. Try out date is Dec 28th 6:00pm est
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