**Heroes of Legend** is recruiting!!

**Heroes of Legend** ranked team is looking for more skilled players! We're Bronze-level players looking for other Bronze players looking to rise up to Silver. The problem is the players you have to play with in Bronze to get to Silver! So you're gonna need a ranked crew to run with. That's what Heroes of Legend is about! We're a different kind of team, and here's how: * Para-military style fighting squads * Discord voice server * 20+ members in team * Mix-n-match whoever is online to play ranked with you * Practice & play whenever you like, not specific times * Squad leaders call strategy in-game * All members contribute to recruitment, research, & training * Access to coaches We're looking for serious players only! You should want to play competitively, and treat this like a sport, not a hobby. Also, mature & no drama! If you're interested in joining, friend me (Mythrandyrr) in-game. Cheers!
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