Looking for high gold+ Mid Laner and Top Laner that needs a team.

Rules: No Flaming/ Toxic behavior of any sort. Follow directions Listen Love your teammates Have respect Come top practice Of course there is more standard rules, but I'm not going to mention those. Requirements: Gold+ Good mentality Ready to have fun and succeed Know more than 3 champs in their role Social Skills Making practice all the time Teamspeak: Application: Name/Nickname: Rank: Age Role: Champion Pool: Rank Experience: Agree to rules and Req: Shot calling ability (1-10) (10 being highest): What makes you better from others: Team Ranked Experience: (Let me know anything you may want to say/ impress me here): This will continue till the roster is full so if you see a role say open you are welcome to try out for it. Roster: Sponsored by Peak eSports Owner/Analyst: Reaper/besp Top Lane: Jungle: Oregano Mid Lane: Adc: 1TrueHero Support: Th3B3ar Add Th3B3ar if interested. DO NOT ADD UNLESS YOU FILL OUT AN APP!
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