The McHuge Monsters Association - Official Ranked Team LF Mid Laner!

The McHuge Monsters Association
A little preview of us and what we're all about! Song : Flight, by Teminite : Watch us live: please check the website: Visit us on our TeamSpeak server: I've created a ranked team for my community, and I'm fucking serious about it! SERIOUS AS FUCK! I'm terrible. I'm only plat 4, but I manage the team, and I stream all of our practices, commentating and cheering on my boys. But we're having trouble securing a mid-laner that can dedicate to the practice hours. We practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm EST. That's an hour for a warm game before ranked queues open. After some good practice I'll start sending the group to tournaments. But yea, this team is for real. It won't fall apart. I'm managing it. If you desire a team that's consistent and on point, this is the team for you. Requirements : 1 - YOU ARE NOT A TILTER!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!! I built this team around good feels, fun, and positive energy. 2 - You're Diamond 5 or above 3 - You're not a fucking tilter. >: | If you're interested, add me on League, you can see my name up there! [The Monsters Twitch channel]( [The Monsters Facebook page]( [The Monsters twitter](
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