The Crimson Kings (CompeteLeague/BSGL Hopeful) LF S6 GOLD SUPPORT player to complete roster!

Hello! My name is Guy, and I am the jungler and manager for The Crimson Kings, we're a team that participated in CompeteLeague's Bronze/Silver Premiere League for the past two seasons, but since we all climbed into Gold by the end of the season, we have to move on to the Gold/Platinum League. We are going to be playing the qualifying tournament in Mid January. We are also looking to branch out to other leagues and tournaments, as well. One such league we are looking at participating in, is the BSGL League, which runs on a similar format as CompeteLeague. Both leagues meet weekly (CL's G/P League on Tuesday, BSGL on Saturday,) and we'll be practicing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays to practice. Each of our practices are usually 3-4 hours long, where we will be spending most of our time practicing team compositions in Flex Queue, and scrimming other teams. Please note that this is a major commitment. We are not looking for a casual player. We're looking for people who are dedicated to improvement. The leagues run for about 9-10 weeks long, so we are looking for someone who will be 100% available to dedicate a couple hours of their time nightly to practicing and contributing to this team. If you miss practice at least twice without telling us why, you'll be let go and we'll look for someone else to take your place. With that, if you are interested, make sure you have a decent champion pool, experience in teamplay at a competitive level, and are willing to make the time. If this is something you are interested, please respond to this thread with your IGN and a little bit of information about yourself on why you want to be part of a team, and your gameplay experience. Our AD Carry's opinion will be the criteria that we will pick the support from our pool. So, in review, if you want to be our support, please respond with: * Your IGN * Why you want to be on a team * Your experience in competitive play (if any) * What day you want to try out this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) * Anything else you want us to know about you. Thank you! I hope to be talking with you soon!
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