Plat Mid LF Semi Serious Team

I'm a plat player and I am currently transitioning to play mid as my main role. I have been finding a lot of success and having a lot of fun on it. I've mained adc for two seasons so my mechanical play is good. I was the team captain for a plat 1 team, I've top 32d in a 258 bracket tournament for razer coms, ended up loosing to the team that lost to lolpro in the finals. Aside from that, my team has placed top 6 in a competitive armature league, took second place in Solidarity Gaming's tournament, loosing to SG which was a challenger team at the time. I have a fair bit of tournament and match experience, as well as what it takes to run and operate a team. I'm looking for something a little less serious that can fit my schedual with work and going to school, I am available nights usually from 9-1am or later CST depending on what shift I have during the day. I have my work shifts two weeks in advance so we can plan practice schedules easily. I am hoping to find a place where I can constantly practice mid and potentially work as a team leader and shot caller. I drafted my old teams pick bans and strategies, and I want to play in a semi competitive environment again. Hit me up here or add my skype Theforgottenfang or on league. I am available generally from 8PM- 2am CST, if not I will let you know what my available hours are for that day well in advance for creating the practice schedule.
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