Looking to form a Serious (Gold) Dynamic Queue and Tournament Team

Hello, I'm looking to form a team of gold players to play together in a serious dynamic queue and in tournaments. I've been on countless teams of plat/diamond players and they've never had the dedication or skill I'm looking for. **Requirements**: -Gold this season (will accept silver 2+ if you got good stats) -Have Skype/curse and mic -Able to make it to practice Here are the list of practice times you must be able to make it to (in PST): Monday-Thursday: 7:00pm-11:00pm Friday: 7:00pm-1:00am Saturday: 5:00pm-2:00am Sunday: 5:00pm-12:00pm If you meet the requirements and are able to make it to at least 75-80% of the practice times fill free to fill out the application below and we'll set up a tryout ASAP. IGN: Season 6 Rank: Season 5 Rank: Role: Main Champions: Strengths: Weaknesses: Past Experiences (if any): Shotcalling Ability (if jg/sup): Example: IGN: TheThunderDragon Season 6 Rank: Silver 2 Season 5 Rank: Gold 1 Role: ADC Main Champions: Ezreal, Lucian, Corki, Caitlyn, Tristana Strengths: Mechanics, Game Knowledge Weaknesses: Map Awareness Past Experiences: Played ADC on a few plat/diamond teams, managed a high diamond team a few years back. **Roster** Top: JG: Mid: ADC: TheThunderDragon Sup:
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