Free coaching for low ELO players

Title! I'm looking to start a youtube channel dedicated to helping the community get better! I've coached a couple of teams, the best getting to d2(sorry IWD) when team 5s was a thing. My primary focus was always rotations, wave manipulation, team fighting, etc... Generally macro play. I wont say that I know the ins and outs of every specific match up but understanding lane mechanics is enough to get to at least plat which I can help with. SO, if you are looking to improve any of the following, leave a comment with your IGN and what you would like the main focus of your session to be and I'll get back to ya! **LANE PHASE** - Farming - Trading - All-ins - Roaming - Wave Management - Back timings **JUNGLE** - PATHING!!!! Really all jungling is but we'll make a list anyway - Ganking efficiency - Counter Jungling - Snowballing Lanes - Wave Crash Dives - Identifying which lanes to focus **MID-LATE GAME** - Team fighting - Composition Strengths/weaknesses - How to and how to deal with split push - Vision Control - Objective priority and objective - Sieging - Wave management - Closing out the game I can do personal coaching over skype screen share if you have a specific game you want me to go over or I can spectate a game when you're available(RIP Replay.GG). Unfortunately those are the options until Riot allows downloading of other players' games with their replay system. Thanks for the support! Looking forward to working with you!
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