Diamond+ Team LF Diamond 4+ Jungle/Top For Contracted Team. *Possible Gaming House*

Greetings, I am the captain of a ranked team and we are trying to fill our Top and Jungle Spots. We currently have a D2 Mid(Master in S4), D2 Support(D1 in S4), and D4 ADC(D2 in S4). We are looking at players which are very high Diamond or Master/Challenger. However, we will be willing to accept applications and give you a tryout if you are D4+. If we meet our goals, our organization will supply us with sponsors and the ability to achieve a possible salary and/or gaming house per our success as a team. We have very highly renowned in-term coach that will help us until we get to that level. If you meet the requirements of rank and are also 18+, please fill out the application below. I will be running tryouts this and next week for these two spots. Id like you to fill out the following app, send me an email and also an in game add on my alt account "Lentiscusa" We will not accept apps for players under the age of 18 or Players currently below Diamond 4. IGN: What you want me to call you: Age: Timezone: Role: Rank: Top 3-10 Champs: Availability: Why you want to play 5s: Your dedication level: You can fill this app out here and add Lentiscusa in game. Also, email the app to mhhir@hotmail.com or lentiscusa@hotmail.com We plan to take this team to the Challenger Level. If this is not a goal youd like to achieve, this is not the team for you. Thanks, Mhhir
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