Think you can help me out?

I'm not a great player in League, hell i wouldn't even say i'm good and you can problem with the big B5 attached to this account. I love this game, but i getting tried of this "elo hell" i'm in and i just need help. I've tried learning how to play by just playing more and watching other high elo players play but i think that it is just having these bad habits be practiced. i want to get better i want to climb, but i need help so if anyone can give me a hand, tips & tricks, Duo, couching, a team, anything, please help a player out. i don't have money to spend on getting better at a game, that is just not something i feel is necessary or something i want to do, so please do link me to couching pages i wont even look at them. **_a little bit about what i like to play_**: I'm a Mid/top but i do really like to jungle, My main is Tahm{{champion:223}} (i play him top) but i also really like Gnar{{champion:150}} lissandra{{champion:127}} and zed{{champion:238}}. when i jungle i am either Kha zix{{champion:121}} ivern{{champion:427}} or poppy{{champion:78}}. If i feel like playing ADC its either Lucian {{champion:236}} or Varus{{champion:110}}. If anyone can help just message me on here OR add me (adding will allow me to to answer faster) thanks (LLNUMBERSLL)
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