Mid Laner Looking for Team for serious ranked 5's

Hello my name is Humn I am currently Diamond 1,my dream or rather my goal is to go pro and play in the lcs. I mean everyone wants to do that and I am not going to lie its really hard, I have been researching and it is just difficult for a solo player to get into a team. No to stop wasting time i main mid and my champs are {{champion:127}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:50}} ,{{champion:45}} , {{champion:43}} ,{{champion:74}} , {{champion:101}} . I still am expanding and refining my champions, and the way I like to play is aggressive and I look for openings to make plays or I try too. I can try to shot call and i can adapt to changes.If i sound like what you want msg me. What can i bring?: -CC -Burst -Poke -Commitment -Communication -Team Support -Strategies -Analysis -Leader

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