[Voltic Gaming] Looking to pick up new teams / Recruiting Competitive Leaders

http://imgur.com/LAt2E93 Hello everyone! My names Kellen also known as Voltic Captain and I’m here to tell you guys about the Voltic Gaming Community VGC for short. So as a little insight on who we are here is a small blurb from our website talking about our mission. Welcome to the Voltic Gaming Community we are so happy you are here to join the community. This community was created by Kellen, Jared, and Trevor and to give you a little more information about who we are were three best friends who had the idea of creating a community for a while but never really got into it until now! I personally wanted to create a community with the goal to give people a safe place to come play games with and not feel the pressure of the outside world. Jared also shares the same goals but also wants it to be about having a community where people are not going to judge you or care about ranks, a place that people can play and not care who is around them because everyone is friendly. We hope to make this community the best we possibly can with the help of a few friends along the way. Now that that you have a general idea of what the community is let us talk about what we are really here for and what this post is looking to do! The community is fairly small at this point in time but this is not a bad thing BUT I am looking to pick up a few more League of Legends teams to play under our name with the purpose of eventually competing in tournaments together and making it easy for teams to find scrim partners of equal skill level and availability. I also am looking for people to run teams and take the head as a Captain and start new teams within the community so that we are able to participate in tournaments together. I will also look to provide teams with whatever they may need as long as it is reasonable. If you are looking to be a team captain I will be looking to check in with you to see how the team is doing from time to time and I will also be willing to help you out as much as I possibly can since I am well aware of how stressful being a captain of a competitive team can be at times! If this sounds like something that you and your team may be interested in joining and becoming part of the community please fill out the tiny application below because at the moment we are only looking for TWO more teams to pick up as part of the community and this app will help us know what kind of teams we are going to be dealing with and what they are expecting and what we expect of them. Speaking of that we expect the teams that we pick up to be active and willing to set up scrims with other teams in the community so that the community can grow together and improve as a whole. Team Application! Team Name: When did the team get established? How often does the team practice? What is the goal of the team? Why should we choose your team? What are the IGN’s of your team members? Team Captain Application! IGN: What type of person are you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you want to run a team? What experiences do you have with competitive teams? What kind of leader are you looking to be? Thank you for reading through and if you do decide to post and see if we can pick you up as a team I will contact everyone to tell them if we do or do not decide to go with their team! Thanks again see you on the rift!
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