ALP( Aging League Players) Are Holding Tryouts for a 5's Ranked Team. Gold V and higher.

Hello my name is Katsuro Ken, and I am a Plat 2 adc smurf. I have decided to put together a 5's man team that is willing to work towards last second rewards and even practice during off season to be ready for the next season. So far every lane is open. I haven't decided if I want to play adc or mid. I will decide when I start having tryouts. In the title it says Gold V and higher, and I'm fine with that but since my name is Plat 2. I'm use to playing with higher elo people. So I would prefer a few of my members to be Plat or Diamond. You must have 4 champions mastered in your desired role. Add me on League and message me if you would like to try out or just fill out the application on here. IGN: Rank: Skype/Discord: Desired Role: 4 Champions for that lane: Strengthens: Weaknesses: Anything you would like to add: Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will only be accepting loyal and mature players.{{champion:119}}
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