LFG Forming Silver team to get to Gold+ with. Top, Jungle, ADC, and Sup Open.

Requirements: 1. Mature (preferable age 21+) 2. Positive Attitudes (Being negative will result in immediate kick from team.) 3. Availability to play most afternoons at least after 2pm (I am Central Time) Season ends on the 8th so we will need to play a lot to rush it. 4. Prefer US players only so time zones won't be such an issue. 5. Use Curse Voice Chat. I cannot use Skype or Discord. 6. Speak English (Doesn't have to be your first language) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm Silver 2 so people who are at least S3 and up would be best so we don't have to worry about people who need to "catch up" to much but not a deal breaker. I main mid and I have been playing League for about 5 years now. I can shot call if needed but I lean more towards a passive play style so if anyone is really good at it please let me know! You don't need to be super good or feel like you have to prove anything, not trying to form a long lasting team (but if we work really well together I am not opposed to it), I just want to form a cooperative team to increase our success to at least getting to Gold for the rewards. **PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME IN-GAME MY LIST IS TO FULL! REPLY WITH YOUR INFO BELOW AND I WILL REACH OUT TO YOU! I WILL BE WATCHING ALL DAY!**
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