Diamond team looking for a mid laner

Hi, I’m Death Sentence and I’m seeking for committed and serious players to join my ranked 5’s team. Our goal is to improve as a team, work on synergy and strategies. We will start to participate in tournaments and looking for coaches and staff. One thing at the time shall we, first we must create a roster. Tryouts will be held tonight. We are seeking for these roles: Top: BIG DADDY WILL Jungle: Chibobo Mid: Adc: Jenessa Support: Death Sentence The requirement are simple: • Diamond 5 + • Being active and making practice scrims , Monday-Friday 7:30-10:30 EST • Having a decent champion pool with some Meta pick for the roles you apply for. • Being a minimum communicative and willing to receive constructive criticisms. • Avoiding any toxic behavior. • Being committed and serious about our success. So if you’re interested and fill the requirement apply bellow following this format :). Example: IGN: Death Sentence Role: Mid Rank: Diamond 4 Availability: Anytime Champion pool (0 to 10): 8 Communication (0 to 10): 7 Toxicity (0 to 10): 3 What is my goal when joining this team: Improve, tryharding and having fun. Additional information: I don't like cats
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