CSOO (Counter Solo Mid) Is now having try-outs! (Serious Team)

CSOO (Counter Solo Mid), is currently looking for new players. If you are looking for a team, fill out the following form and message me on league for further details. Tryouts will take place as soon as possible. Fill this form out: Preffered role: Champions you play for that role[](https://gyazo.com/2790d1cf044e7e7bdf0f24f614ab6d41): Time zone: Strengths: Weaknesses: Can you shot call?: Available times (In EST please): Username: We plan on entering the team into many tournaments and scrims, so we are only looking for players who are trying to learn more together, work hard, and are willing to participate seriously in tournaments and scrims. That being said, we also preffer players who will get along well with others and fit well with one another. Add me on league after you have filled out the above form.[](https://gyazo.com/2790d1cf044e7e7bdf0f24f614ab6d41)
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