Team SoV Looking for Mid Laner and Jungler Plat+

Shadows of Valhalla are looking for a Mid Laner and a Jungler. We practice three times a week and are aiming to compete in tournaments. We're looking for dedicated, ambitious, and mature people who are willing to work hard. The team operates around Eastern Standard Time (EST) so living in that timezone would be helpful but it's not required. If you live in a different timezone just be ready to work with the established schedule. Please copy and paste the application below and fill it out. Tryouts last 3 or more days typically. We'll do some normal games to see your skill level and how your personality works with the team. I will add the people who are chosen for tryouts. Requirements: 18+ (must be out of highschool) Plat+ ranked Mic Curse Voice Lots of time to practice Application: Rank: Top 5 Champs: Ranked Teams experience(if any): Why should we pick you and what do you bring to the team?:
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