EGC Battle Of Justice Tournament

The Elite Gamers Community is hosting a tournament! [Click here]( to go to the Battlefy and sign up! [Here]( is our website, if you are interested in becoming a member And the TS3 IP is **Requirements to join:** 1. Possess a League of Legends account on the NA server that is level 30. 2. Have the Teamspeak3 client [Downloaded]( 3. Have a Microphone **Necessary Info:** 1. The tournament starts on February 28th at 9 AM PST(12 PM EST). 2. This tournament will be **Riot Sponsored** with four teams receiving prizing out of the 16 max total teams(1/4 chance to win). 3. Registration ends on February 23rd, the tournament has been officially been opened to the public so these slots will go fast. 4. It is single entry, with the teams being auto-balanced based on current rank. 5. Will be a mostly lower elo(>Gold) tournament for fun, all are welcome. 6. Will also be **Live Streamed** from the EGC Twitch Account.
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