Mostly Diamond Team Looking For Plat+ Top/Jungle/Mid for Nightfall Plat/Diamond League

Title says it all, Here's a current mock up of our Roster, We're looking for people To join this team, League starts in 2 weeks, Gives us time to get antiquated and get to know each other on a league level, There is Prize Money at the end of the League for the Top 3 teams If we make it into that group. Looking For Open Schedules and None Toxic Players to work together and build something. Add Gou Shàngdì in Game to talk further!!! Top: Aria (Plat 1) Jungle: Open Tryouts (N0te, I Love Zorb) Mid: OPEN Tryouts ( I Love Zorb, SSG Crown) ADC: Fire4Life (Diamond 5) M3dftw (Diamond 5 Sub) Support: Gou Shangdi Tryouts SSG Crown (Diamond 5) N0te (DIamond 4) i love to zorb (Diamond 1)

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