We Want To do a Fun Turnoment LCS Style and need more people!

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So me and some friends want to do a fun little LCS style turnoment with teams and everything! We are fully planning it but we need more players and teams! You can come solo or you can come with a team or with how many ever people! if you come with a team we will work around that aand just add you to teh rosters as a full team! if you come alone please give me your 1st and secoundary prefered roles! There will hopefully be a reward at the end it just all depends how many people we get to donate to the "Fun LCS" Using the Discord link provided you are free to join it and post questions in the LOL chat group or just post your team and there summoner names! The Co-Owners and Admins will have information if you need it as well as me the Owner of the discord! we are trying to get atleast 40 Plays for 8 Tteams but the more the better! TLDR Fun LCS we need teams and players! Come join for a fun little turnoment!
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