IDLE FORGE LFM ----- Top mains and Jungle mains STILL!!!!!

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IDLE FORGE the lower elo team there is a higher elo team in plats and diamonds. Northern Supreme is a comp team looking for players to explore the Rift and be able to play with others. IDLE FORGE is looking for players to play with and build up together and play in tournaments. This will take time to build up and play the tournaments but if your willing to stay the prizes are high if you enjoy csgo we also have a team as well. Don't add me i will add you. Time schedule and practice days will be notified when you are trying out. For communication - TeamSpeak High Silver - Gold Roles - NEED TOP / JUNGLE Mains !! Top : Open Jungle : Open Middle : 6 Inches Deep Adc : Broward County Support : Radbeat If you are interested in joining for either of the roles listed, please fill out the application below. Also when you get the Strengths and weakness part don't be timid. Application : IGN : Age : Position : Would you like to be Shotcaller : Strength : Weakness : Rank : Top 5 champs :
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